Regarding the images you’ll see here

About the images: I never liked to participate in any contests, challenges or anything like that in any fractal community I’ve ever been to. I almost never tweaked someone else’s image. I hate doing it in the same way I don’t like to have my images tweaked, which is why I don’t share my parameters and or never participate in these tweak challenges. After being a member of a few mailing lists, forums and groups/communities through the years, some for a little more time than the others, I found after a while that all these became a bit boring after some time (I find it very odd that a community in Facebook for example have 30K members but just about 10 images are posted every day, and always by the same people). They all suffer from problems which I won’t describe here and I left most of them because of the general behaviour of participants of these places – you are often tempted to make images like these that get more attention, even if these aren’t your favourites or your style. I joined these places mostly to learn new techniques, look for tutorials when the softwares are too complex to learn on our own, and maybe apply some of these tips to my own images if they are interesting to my “style”, and also to occasionally display my own creations, not to participate in competitions.

All images on my site were created by me from scratch – sometimes using tutorials as a starting point, which is something different than a “challenge”, which has a theme, or a tweak contest, but most of the time it’s just from scratch trying something randomly or repeating something I already liked previously. There are millions of images that look much more interesting than mine, for several reasons. But I try as much as I can to not be influenced by any of these and copy/repeat these styles and techniques, even the most basic one layer images with traditional Mandelbrot sets or very complex images using hundreds of layers, transparencies and other available effects. And, to do that, I need to stay away as much as possible from these groups and getting from them mostly the most significant things they (sometimes) have to offer: the instructional ones. I don’t consider myself a professional artist, I make fractals as a hobby. I don’t want a medal or a prize, If I ever was asked to have my work exhibited or used somewhere else, it was because people found my work – here – and liked it and contacted me. If you like my images as they are, thank you. One reason that made me give up and get really bored with fractals was when I was almost doing that, making images to get appraisals. This time is long gone, but I have to be careful, it’s tempting to be trapped in that stuff again.

Also, my images never have any kind of “classical” post-processing, except in a very few occasions (a slight sharpening, cropping, etc.) but these are minimal. This is quite controversial, some already consider any image already post-processed even if you just add a watermark, but that’s something for another discussion. My images will also never be AI-enhanced adding these kitsch effects (maybe if AI ever comes up with something useful and really helpful, that’s another story). I tried something using AI to a couple of my fractal animations (which will appear in another section of the site soon), but they are interesting for no longer than a couple views. They’re predictable, boring, and as I’ve said, certain types of AI don’t have any interference of the artist at all.

Ultrafractal galleries are finished!

This is probably the updating part that would take the longest, but it’s finally finished. 17 galleries with 20 images each. The funny part is that the last gallery, the 17th, has 17 images… kind of a fractal repetition issue?

The newly tweaked images done after 2022 will probably have their own galleries, or maybe the tweaks will be added next to their original images. There are many more images to be tweaked. I stopped updating them some time ago because it was becoming tiresome, repetitive and boring.

I’ll leave these Ultrafractal images behind for a while, and I’ll add something fresher to the site first. Some of these old images are from a very bad creative period where I was making images just for the sake of it (it’s explained in some post somewhere here), most of them don’t attract me anymore and probably will be replaced by others or just excluded.

The next step will probably be the JWildfire galleries, and maybe then a link to the fractal animations I did and posted on Youtube. Then the Mandelbulbs… but I’ll take a short break now.

Back to work after all these issues, without any glitches… so far!

Apparently the worst issues with the server and plugins are “fixed”, I can go back to the update process again. Almost all the galleries of Ultrafractal are done, 14 galleries with all the images uploaded and 10 fully finished, with image descriptions added. I think I figured out why some galleries wouldn’t update, it was because of wrong characters in certain image descriptions. I will tweak the CSS of the galleries later after they’re uploaded, there are some bits that need to be adjusted like the font colours.

I had an idea about the updates: there are some images that I still don’t like after this second filtering I did for publishing the new site, for several reasons. They might be removed from the galleries and probably will be replaced with some of these new images I did in the “tweaking” project.

No rants this time – it doesn’t help. I’ll keep the site in this hosting even though it’s pure shit. I won’t pay a fine for something that is not my fault. If I move later (and I’ll probably do that), at least the pages are already updated.

Houston, we have a problem (again!)

OK, I’m typing this on Sunday. Tomorrow, Monday, I’ll wait for the support of the hosting company to contact me to see if they can really fix all the issues in their service and if I can get a refund, I’ve been hosting with them for less than a month. If they can’t fix it and I get an immediate refund (or ANY refund), I’ll leave this hosting ASAP and will move to another company. As the site is still at the very beginning process of rebuilding, there won’t be much work to be (re)done and it’s best to leave this host now before it’s too late. I tried all I could on my side, it’s mostly their fault. Since the beginning.

Edit: The hosting company is still shit, they want me to pay a fine if I cancel. But… the image plugin I am using that was having problems had an update today and for some unknown reason… it is working fine now, even allowing me to add more than 15 images to the galleries (was it the plugin or the server? I think it’s both). The overall configuration page is working and everything seems to be working so far. I added 5 galleries of Ultrafractal images, which I didn’t bother to edit because of these errors, but I’ll do that later today. I’ll keep with this shitty hosting then until my plan expires, as I refuse to pay a fine for their mistakes. The other gallery plugin still didn’t work, though, it’s deleted now. And it’s a famous one…

Edit 2: I spoke too soon. Now it’s having some hiccups again. I created a new gallery with 20 images today and it’s not refreshing or updating… go figure.

Almost there – but there are problems

The update process for Ultrafractal images is complete. Now it’s time to create the galleries. BUT… this awful plugin didn’t let me create galleries with more than 15 images at once. I don’t think it’s a limitation of the free version, I’m not sure because it accepted the upload of over 300 images. It’s not a design problem in the layout of the gallery (I think) because it just doesn’t accept adding the 16th image to the gallery no matter what. I gave up and the galleries will stay with 15 images each. I might try to update one of the Fractint galleries by adding some temporary images to make it have more than 15 images to them to see if the limit is global or if it’s just a glitch. I just hope that they really say we can have unlimited galleries… I just don’t want to start updating the site only to find that this plugin won’t let me use all my images in the middle of the process, making me replace it with another gallery plugin and redoing a lot of stuff.

Edit: I will install another image gallery plugin, one that I was using before I moved the site to this new host. The plugin I’m using is absolutely shit. I might leave the galleries already made in place, at least the Fractint ones.