Jwildfire Galleries

These are the galleries of images made with Jwildfire. Click on the gallery sample image to load the gallery you want, then click on the image you want to see. There will be around 20 images on each gallery. No post-processing was used other than adding a watermark to the images, also there’s no AI interference of any kind.

Jwildfire has a special “treat” which is that it works in conjunction with your GPU card (most of the time) while other fractal softwares only benefits from your CPU and sometimes the available RAM, or both. This GPU render can speed up the rendering time enormously, also helping to render very large and complex files in a very reasonable time. Some of its formulas aren’t yet fully compatible with GPU renders, but most are. Sometimes the renders in both formats look quite different, I can’t really figure why yet, some images can even be fixed to look like their non-GPU renders, it’s mostly the colours that are affected, sometimes they are entirely different. If both renders have a nice look, I’ll probably post both renders of that image maybe at the same gallery. It’s more or less the same thing with Mandelbulb 3D and the Monte Carlo rendering, you can get different results using each method.