Fine tuning – New galleries added and some potential problems fixed

Time to start fine tuning the site along with performing occasional updates. The most boring part of the work is mostly done.

5 galleries of Jwildfire images are finished. Their thumbnails aren’t very attractive and are too dark but the images are very nice, in a different style of both UltraFractal and Fractint. I also found around new 70 Ultrafractal images that weren’t posted in the galleries of the old version of the site, these would be added to the UltraFractal galleries here after I finish the JWF ones (almost done, I think there are just 2 or 3 more galleries to be added). These images need to be edited as well. I think these were done in another computer and I’m not sure if their parameters were saved. I also had some problems editing galleries and menus (so confusing!) but I think it’s fixed as well.

Also when I found these images in the old backups of the site I also did some virus scan just out of nowhere because I remember getting some reports of problems in the site from the old host once (they apparently cleaned it and moved all the infected files to a folder named something.old but I never checked what was going on as they said it was “fixed”). In these old backups there were over 400 files infected with some kind of Trojan, all files of a certain stats plugin (a famous one!) which I don’t use anymore and had stopped used there as well since these reports. I remembered about it when browsing something in Google looking if my pages were being indexed etc. and there was this report that “1200 pages were not indexed” (how so? I never had that many pages), pages that weren’t part of the site at all and seemed to be just ads or popups or stuff loading other URLs etc. I hosted a forum in my site a long time ago and some other site, these might have been the actual infected files as phpBB is a common target for attacks, but these sections were discontinued since 2008 or something, but I still had a backup of all the databases – the hacked files weren’t the databases, though, and the database used here is entirely new.

Apparently the new version of the site is fine as nothing was really transferred over from the old site to this new version, I just used the same images but these came from another clean version I had made in larger sizes, so they might be safe and clean.

The traffic to the site has been minimal so far but I think it’s expected, it’s just a month since it was restarted. It will be a long process to be noticed again, and people don’t really pay attention to websites anymore more than they do to social media pages. What is funny is that my Jetpack plugin still keeps track of the site since the first installation (I guess Google Analytics does the same), and when I reinstalled it it came back with the numbers and stats of the old version plus all from this one (30 visitors so far…)… there were over 70,000 visitors to the site since the very start… at some point there were 1500 visitors in a day… I hope it will get back to that visibility soon, mostly when I start posting tutorials and articles about fractals in general instead of just images.