Almost there – but there are problems

The update process for Ultrafractal images is complete. Now it’s time to create the galleries. BUT… this awful plugin didn’t let me create galleries with more than 15 images at once. I don’t think it’s a limitation of the free version, I’m not sure because it accepted the upload of over 300 images. It’s not a design problem in the layout of the gallery (I think) because it just doesn’t accept adding the 16th image to the gallery no matter what. I gave up and the galleries will stay with 15 images each. I might try to update one of the Fractint galleries by adding some temporary images to make it have more than 15 images to them to see if the limit is global or if it’s just a glitch. I just hope that they really say we can have unlimited galleries… I just don’t want to start updating the site only to find that this plugin won’t let me use all my images in the middle of the process, making me replace it with another gallery plugin and redoing a lot of stuff.

Edit: I will install another image gallery plugin, one that I was using before I moved the site to this new host. The plugin I’m using is absolutely shit. I might leave the galleries already made in place, at least the Fractint ones.