Houston, we have a problem (again!)

OK, I’m typing this on Sunday. Tomorrow, Monday, I’ll wait for the support of the hosting company to contact me to see if they can really fix all the issues in their service and if I can get a refund, I’ve been hosting with them for less than a month. If they can’t fix it and I get an immediate refund (or ANY refund), I’ll leave this hosting ASAP and will move to another company. As the site is still at the very beginning process of rebuilding, there won’t be much work to be (re)done and it’s best to leave this host now before it’s too late. I tried all I could on my side, it’s mostly their fault. Since the beginning.

Edit: The hosting company is still shit, they want me to pay a fine if I cancel. But… the image plugin I am using that was having problems had an update today and for some unknown reason… it is working fine now, even allowing me to add more than 15 images to the galleries (was it the plugin or the server? I think it’s both). The overall configuration page is working and everything seems to be working so far. I added 5 galleries of Ultrafractal images, which I didn’t bother to edit because of these errors, but I’ll do that later today. I’ll keep with this shitty hosting then until my plan expires, as I refuse to pay a fine for their mistakes. The other gallery plugin still didn’t work, though, it’s deleted now. And it’s a famous one…

Edit 2: I spoke too soon. Now it’s having some hiccups again. I created a new gallery with 20 images today and it’s not refreshing or updating… go figure.