Ultrafractal galleries are finished!

This is probably the updating part that would take the longest, but it’s finally finished. 17 galleries with 20 images each. The funny part is that the last gallery, the 17th, has 17 images… kind of a fractal repetition issue?

The newly tweaked images done after 2022 will probably have their own galleries, or maybe the tweaks will be added next to their original images. There are many more images to be tweaked. I stopped updating them some time ago because it was becoming tiresome, repetitive and boring.

I’ll leave these Ultrafractal images behind for a while, and I’ll add something fresher to the site first. Some of these old images are from a very bad creative period where I was making images just for the sake of it (it’s explained in some post somewhere here), most of them don’t attract me anymore and probably will be replaced by others or just excluded.

The next step will probably be the JWildfire galleries, and maybe then a link to the fractal animations I did and posted on Youtube. Then the Mandelbulbs… but I’ll take a short break now.

Back to work after all these issues, without any glitches… so far!

Apparently the worst issues with the server and plugins are “fixed”, I can go back to the update process again. Almost all the galleries of Ultrafractal are done, 14 galleries with all the images uploaded and 10 fully finished, with image descriptions added. I think I figured out why some galleries wouldn’t update, it was because of wrong characters in certain image descriptions. I will tweak the CSS of the galleries later after they’re uploaded, there are some bits that need to be adjusted like the font colours.

I had an idea about the updates: there are some images that I still don’t like after this second filtering I did for publishing the new site, for several reasons. They might be removed from the galleries and probably will be replaced with some of these new images I did in the “tweaking” project.

No rants this time – it doesn’t help. I’ll keep the site in this hosting even though it’s pure shit. I won’t pay a fine for something that is not my fault. If I move later (and I’ll probably do that), at least the pages are already updated.

It’s late but it’s coming

I’m updating the UltraFractal section of the galleries, which will take some time to finish. There are about 450 images to be edited and added to the galleries. I will only start making these galleries after all the images are updated, as I plan to post them in a very random order (maybe date or size), other than just alphabetical. Creating the galleries is probably the easiest and fastest part. These will have slightly more images than the Fractint galleries, to reduce the number of galleries.

Besides these 450 images, I started making something about a year or so ago out of boredom which consisted of tweaking (or remixing) all or most of my old images. I think I probably have a thousand parameter files (I kept most of these I ever made, even those that don’t have an associated image published here). These tweaks sometimes gave me some very nice results with the new images looking much better than their “parents”. Some of these images were impossible to tweak or the changes didn’t make much sense or noticeable differences, so these were left untouched. Which means… maybe there are at least 200 more images – so far – to be edited and published, this if I don’t keep tweaking the other images. The idea is probably to publish these next to the original image.

Here we go! Lots of work to do…

The update has finally started. The basic setup for the page is almost finished, now it’s time to concentrate on the main content, the images. It will be a very slow process, there are too many images to edit (resize some, add watermarks to most, rename a few), many things to fix, many new sections to create, the menus for the page need to be organized, etc.

I have finished cleaning up my image archive and I kept just the images that I really like, maybe I deleted 30% of the old ones made with UltraFractal and Fractint, there’s no point in keeping these ugly ones, some are from a bad period as I will talk about later. In the Apophysis gallery there will be some ugly ones, but just as a reference of what was going on back then, that software was just a new discovery and the images were really simple until the new flame fractal softwares appeared with more resources. The first gallery is active as a test, for the Fractint images (better start with stuff from where it all started!). The galleries will have (probably) 12 images each, most images will have about the same dimensions and aspect ratios. The Ultrafractal galleries will have more images, or else there will be too many galleries. Old images are probably still in 4:3 format, new ones may be in 16:9, but there are some that don’t follow these formats. There will be individual pages for each gallery, that will appear in the “master” gallery page for the software used to create them, so maybe these galleries can be even enlarged as they go with extra images to avoid having hundreds of individual galleries (individual galleries also avoid a gallery having hundreds of images…).

I don’t really like the appearance and styles of the gallery plugin I’m using, but… we’ll see if I can customize it in some form. I prefer to have the images in thumbnail formats instead of slideshows or other fancy formats, this way it’s easier for the user to see what he wants to see directly instead of scrolling through a series of images. When you click a thumbnail a larger version of the image appears (duh!) but there is sort of a “camera roll” below the big image that is quite annoying and clumsy, I might try to remove that if possible. It also has links to share images to social media, which I really don’t want to have enabled at all.