Hello again? It’s been a while… but we’re back!

We’re back. We are reworking everything from scratch in Mundo Fractal. The site has moved from the expensive old hosting company (they were OK, but now it’s really expensive) and I decided to not use a backup. Some things may be broken here and there for a while. Images are coming soon, but first you buy the house then you add the furniture.

I might repost some of the old posts with informative texts and links to fractal stuff, if I can retrieve them. The previous version of the site had many broken and old links. I’m now using other fractal softwares and also attempting to make some animations, new kind of content is going to be posted. I’ll filter out the old content and won’t repost everything that was there. Some images seem uninteresting and meaningless to me now. The format used for the images are themed image galleries separated by the software used to create them. Occasional images might appear in individual posts.

Fractalland.com will still be active as well, I just need to set things up here first then I’ll play with it but basically it will be sort of a mirror of this one if possible.

This new form of editing in blocks isn’t very user-friendly but I’ll get used to it. Everything needs a fine tuning… The theme customization is mostly done. The galleries still needs something but that’s minimal.

I had been posting my images mostly on Facebook on a separate page just for the fractals, but that isn’t the best place for them to be. That page is long gone, so after that I started posting on some fractal groups but it’s not very motivating (I’m not there for the likes anyway but it’s frustrating – more on that later). I find it more useful to have a hosting plan to keep things stored safely (it functions similarly to using a cloud storage). All the images will be gone if somehow my Facebook account disappears. Here they can be slightly safer and most of all some other companies can’t claim they own that content, here it’s all mine forever.

The site will not ask visitors to subscribe or become members. There will be no interactive form of user engagement other than regular viewing of a website. No section of the site will need a subscription to be seen, no personal data will be collected, no password protected sections. There won’t be a store or anything like that. If any visitor wants to contact me (if asking permission to use an image, having questions about fractals, etc.), I’ll provide some form of link somewhere where you can reach me. To avoid excessive spam, posts will likely have comments disabled entirely.